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Latest updates in Integral 2.0

November 2016 update

In the passing year we performed major upgrade to the whole system. Following are some updates and new features in the Integral system. (Formerly known as MIR DNC)

Stop Reasons

Now you can see details about stop reasons in a simple and quick way: times/averages/quantities. You can see the details of the whole factory, then drill down to a specific building, division, production line, and even a single machine. This let you diagnose efficiently the weak points of each machine and focus on them.

Division/Building Efficiency

In the machines layout screen, in addition to the per-machine efficiency, there is now also a new graph showing the efficiency of the whole division/building during the current shift/day/week. It is possible to configure the percentage ranges of the graph which are responsible for the different colors, and thus encourage the employees to meet their objectives, i.e. stay in the green zone of the graph.

Work Order Expected Completion Time

In the Work Orders screen, in addition to the existing details about quantity, quality, and machine currently working on that order, you can now see the status of all work orders, including a new detail: expected completion time of the work order (updated live of course). The system is constantly analyzing the work behaviour based on working times, per day and per week, in addition to details about each machine, and thus it learns how to subtract expected stop/idle times, and produce the expected completion time based on that. This data helps getting ready for the next work order, as well as creating new operations for the order.


Lots of data about setup: in addition to the existing data about setup amount, setup times, averages, etc., now you can easily compare setup actions based on machines, operators, products, or product families, and this see clearly the weak points and focus on them.

Employee Reports

In addition to the general change in the way data is displayed, all the reports previously submitted via the ERP (or other systems) by the employees can now be submitted via Integral system. This gives the employees a single tool where they report everything, and the reports pass in a transparent way to the relevant systems.

...and many more new features, like details about products/product families, maintenance/fault treatments, part counts, and more. Everything in an easy to manage way, and ever updating.

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