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For over 30 years MIR is involved in the machining field, specializing in machine and accompanied equipment enhancement, communication and control systems.
Our key to success is our understanding of the various shop floors, our knowledge in a multitude of machining equipment and our ability to integrate them into a single system for data transfer, collection and analysis.

Upgrading CNC machines

In their very nature, modern machines controls tend to get outdated quickly, becoming unfit for modern production environment, while the machine is still mechanically capable of  producing. 

Outdated control is the source for many failures, each might span a long time. Also, such control requires specialized technicians and expensive spare parts, which are not always in stock. This leads to ever decreasing machine availability and efficiency, while the production demands are ever increasing.

All of these raise the need to upgrade the machines.

M.I.R Ltd. specializes in upgrading machines, usually with CNC controls.

CNC programs are preserved


Significantly reduced cost compared to new machine

Less experienced employees can also work with the control

Automated Production Lines

By moving to automated production lines, you can improve the efficiency of the production lines, and cut production time in at least 50% compared to manual production.
Higher quality production
Saving valuable time
Preventing human errors
Auto Corrections
MIR Machines Integrations Retrofitting ltd

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