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Comprehensive information about setups

One of the first questions, in any system, is usually “What is the goal of this system?”. The answer we always give, which indeed proves itself, is that the goal of our system is displaying realtime image of the factory, and by this help the factory learn how to improve production and make it more efficient so that the productivity of the factory will raise, thus saving the factory lots of money and raising its profits.

One of the most critical points in a factory is the setup processes, which take place quite often, and each such process taking lots of time.

In our latest system update we added a new tool, which is aimed to draw more attention to the whole setup subject.

You can now get comprehensive information, in a simple way, about the setups: amount, times, averages, and even more important: easily find weak and strong points in the setup processes across the factory, thus giving the managers points to focus on as they see fit.

As part of the update, you can now see all the setup processes in one place, and filter them.

Using this view, you can find the problematic group and learn about it according to:

  • Buildings/Divisions/Machines

  • Product Families

  • Products

  • Names of setup operators

  • Shift segments: is setup taking longer during certain parts of the week, or during night vs. day, start of week vs. end of week etc.

We’ll give you realtime data, and count on you to think how to improve them.

You are always welcome to consult with us.

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