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Control and monitor all manufacturing processes in the factory with 

MIR Integral

Smart Factory

Benefits and features

Connecting with anything

The system can interface with any kind of equipment, all types of CNC machines, robots, presses, measuring machines, washing machines, and any other type of machine

Improving the resources

Online performance measurement, plus alerting when deviating from ideal standard times, is improving the resources Operating Equipment Efficiency (OEE) in dozens of percentages
Automatic data collection directly from the machines


Manufacturing planning based on automated data
Setup Analysis
Smart planning of the manufacturing instructions is easier with automated data supplied by Integral system, and drastically increase rate of meeting the schedule and allows fast reactions to unplanned stops
Actual measurement of setup is based on various pieces of information: product families, machine operators, setup time, and more. This allows deep analysis of the setup process and significant improvement in future setup times
NC Programs Management
Managing the CNC programs in one system is enforcing organized operation, allows downloading and uploading NC programs to the machines and from them in a unified and simple interface, and prevents unnecessary faults
Smooth and easy to use user interface
The quick and simple user interface allows analyzing the performance over short or long periods of time, thus optimize work methods and prevent needless downtimes and bottlenecks
Real Time
Displaying the machines status in real time along with their efficiency at any given moment, cause data transparency of all the factory resources, and thus harness the employees to enhance their efficiency
Maintenance Control
Controlling the maintenance as part of the Shopfloor Management system results in quick response to machine faults, thus preventing long and unnecessary delays of the equipment
Smart Email Notifications
Daily report sent by email to managers and instant alerts when production is out of defined range, let the managers be always up to date and handle problems as they occur in realtime
Simple language switching inside the system allows employees speaking different languages to work easily on the same system
Our customers
Our Customers
Digital cut or
רב בריח


"Before running the system we estimated swarf removal time as minor and didn’t handle them properly. At the moment the system was running we realized the machines stop for two hours a day.
By placing a screen in the center of the factory and displaying machines’ state we were able to engage the employees and reduce the time to a few minutes.”
“Changes we’ve made following information from the system lead to the cancelation of 2 machine purchases and the sell of 5 machines”
“We’ve improved our effectiveness by about 50%, from 50% to 75%”

— Alon, MIS

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