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Full integration with the shop floor

Realtime production survey

100% automatic reports from the production machines – realtime and reliable.
Integral Platform allows realtime tracking of the production process. Seeing the current state of production at any given moment, any problem that arise can be handled immediately and efficiently.
Integral Platform connects all production machines to the data systems, which enables the realtime updates. It’s based on automatic reports as much as technically possible, minimizing the required human intervention. This gives reliable image of the production at any given moment.
For the production reports that can’t be read directly from the machine, Integral Platform provides effective and simple client software to be used by the operators.
Integral Platform can connect all machine types to the system thus allowing full integration of the whole factory.

Production Reports

Ability to generate reports per-demand
The constant realtime collection of data from the machines enables Integral Platform to build all kinds of production analysis reports. Using the web interface, you can easily see the machines performance over different time ranges and with variety of views. The reports can be displayed in various graph types, tabular data, bar charts, on a time axis, and more. The web interface is simple and easy to operate.
Integral Platform come with the following built in reports:
OEE analysis reports
Stop/Fault reports
Work Orders tracking
and more...
New reports can be created per client demand, as well as adding new graphic views.

Program Management

Full control and easy management of the CNC programs repository
Integral Repository is a product data mangement (PDM) over the Integral Platform.The system manages the factory CNC programs while monitoring changes and keeping version history. Repository let the user create new program or access existing programs based products, actions, machines and machine types. Authentication system controls what type of actions each user can do with Repository. Based on desired workflow, the system let the user change and approve programs. With version management, the product data is safe and can be restored to a previous version if needed. The Repository system is connected directly to the machines via DNC, thus allows instant sending and receiving of programs to and from the machine. For each machine, Repository keeps isolated storage for its programs and keep exact copy of the programs. Receiving programs from the machine makes it possible to build organized change procedure, corresponding with authorization process.In addition, Integral Repository enables coordinating the CNC programs with the corresponding work orders per machine, thus simplifying the process of sending programs and preventing mistakes.

Factory management systems integration

Automatic linking to factory databases of all kinds.
Integral Platform can integrate with most external management system like ERP and PDM that your factory might have. The integration is done on demand and can improve efficiency both ways. By integrating to those external system we can get:
List of catalog numbers - can come along with work orders
List of work orders, including: work order unique ID, catalog number
List of actions per catalog number, including: catalog number, unique action ID, action name (alternatively, can include word order ID instead of catalog number)
List of possible faults (that can be reported), if the external system contains such data
List of employee numbers, used to authenticate users and give permissions
Integral Platform can also send information back to the external system:
Real time amount of manufactured parts, catalog numbers and work orders.
Machine stop and fault reasons.
Faulty parts reports.
It is also possible to add more kinds of data per client request.

Customer Testimonial

The system implementation we improved usability
In our assessments for 2012 we predicted we would need two more machines. At the end of the year in which we implemented this system we didn't need to buy those machines, and even sold five machines
It was a very good decision to purchase MIR Integral. First of all, for using this system. And we're glad for working with MIR. Its an advantage speaking directly to the people there. Always nice to work with them, always getting answers and is reasonable times. I'm very pleased with this decision and it was very lucrative, and with out a doubt returned the investment.



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