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Getting alerts via various platforms

New member joined Integral system, his name is IntegralBOT. Please welcome him!

IntegralBOT is a cute and smart bot, which will keep in touch with you and help you with almost anything you will need.

He will both alert you, and alert others on your behalf when required. For example:

  • When you will open a new machine fault, IntegralBOT will contact the maintenance people and inform them of the fault.

  • IntegralBOT will use Chrome Desktop Notifications to instantly tell you if the machines are in low daily efficiency, based on limits you can set.

  • Are you a machine operator? Forgot the machine stopped? IntegralBOT will send you an alert in Telegram.

  • ...and much more.

IntegralBOT is using various platforms to contact people:

  • Desktop notifications for supporting browsers (Chrome, Firefox)

  • Emails

  • SMS

  • Telegram messages

Moreover, in some of those platforms, you can also respond to IntegralBOT. For example:

  • When the maintenance employee gets a Telegram message about machine fault, they can respond to the message to tell when they start investigating the fault.

  • When a machine operator gets alert about long idle/stop time of the machine, they can reply telling the stop reason.

  • ...and more.

Questions? You are welcome to contact us:


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